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Bungie makes first noises about new game

Something "totally different".

Bungie has said its next project will be something "totally different" to what you might expect.

The first mention of the studio's post-Microsoft game was made in the Bungie podcast, where Frank O'Connor, Luke Smith, Brian Gerrard and newcomer Christian Allen had a chat.

"We can say that Bungie's next game - that isn't Halo 3 expansion and DLC-type stuff - will be something totally different from Bungie," said the voice of either Luke Smith or Brian Gerrard. We got lost. Definitely not O'Connor because he sounds a bit like Christopher Walken, and Christian Allen introduced himself at the beginning so we remembered his sound.

"It's far, far too early in its state to even say more than that at this point, but eventually I'm sure we'll have a lot of cool things to start talking about. I can just say that some of the stuff I've seen is pretty cool."

Bungie and Microsoft went their own ways shortly after the release of Halo 3, as the developer was keen to return to its independent roots.

Bungie made a name for itself with its Marathon series of first-person shooters, but dabbled in everything from dungeon-crawling to strategy before unleashing Halo.

I'd settle for a role-playing game, but then I would. What would you like to see, Eurogamer readers?