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Ninja Gaiden DS demo at GDC

Game due out in US next month.

Anyone dozing off during talks about shader instructions or audio tools at GDC this week can always slip out to the Nintendo booth and entertain themselves by downloading a demo of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword.

Thanks to the magic of Wi-Fi, attendees will be able to grab it and sample the game over a month ahead of the US 25th March release date. Anyone who strolls past Nintendo can pluck it out of the air providing it's Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. And they remembered to bring their DS. And they're actually at the show.

IGN reports that the demo will be released via download points in US shops a bit later.

Ninja Gaiden on the DS is a nearly-3D third-person game with stylus controls used to perform Ryu Hayabusa's usual range of devastating kills. Tecmo's taking it a bit seriously, rather than just farming it out to a third party.

There's currently no European release date for it, but we'll let you know when (hopefully no need for 'if') that changes.