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Ninja Gaiden DS confirmed

Stylus-driven book-slashing.

Ryu Hayabusa's unstoppable path-beating will continue away from the beaten path in the near future, with a DS version cunningly-titled Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword now officially unveiled and detailed. There are screenshots and everything.

Holding the DS like a book (think Brain Age), NG DS relies on stylus controls to guide Ryu around his ninjary enviromments, double-tapping to jump, drawing special characters to enact spell attacks, performing slashing motions to whip out his sword and tapping enemies while airborne to fire shurikens. Buttons will be reserved for defensive manoeuvres.

We can also expect a new storyline, although as with many things Tecmo we're not told when to expect it and its mother-game, despite the fact the developer's "very excited" about everything. "The Nintendo DS will allow gamers to control Master Ninja Ryu Hayabusa slash for slash with the use of the DS Stylus in a way never possible in previous iterations of the game," says Tecmo's Yoh Watanbe. "Dragon Sword will be the definitive ninja title for all DS owners to experience."