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Ninja Gaiden DS in March

Imagine a bad joke here.

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Tecmo has said that the Nintendo DS version of Ninja Gaiden will be released in March 2008, assuming you and I aren't killed in a freak news item accident where oh no oh no watch out it's fallifslddsfikdgfgfjldgfjlgfgf. It's okay. We're trapped, but we're alive. We must now form amazing bonds of friendship as the harsh reality of our situation becomes apparent and I have to eat your leg.

On the plus side, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword aims to offer a proper Ninja Gaiden experience rather than a watered-down rubbish 2D one that will get 4/10. It's been composed in 3D, with proper fighting mechanics to recall the intricacies (some would say "sintricacies", but those people are wrong, not to mention illiterate) of the Xbox version.

You can activate all sorts of movements and attacks with the stylus, including the amazing-sounding "Cicada Slash", which is presumably a move where nobody can work out where the noise is coming from but it's very annoying and everyone can remember the word "cricket" but nobody can remember "cicada" and then we decide to go indoors.

Ninja Gaiden DS doesn't appear to have a European publisher at this stage. We will let you know when someone owns up.

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