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Burnout demo online bits live on

Won't be switched off until 15th.

Electronic Arts has decided to keep the online bits of the Burnout Paradise demo alive for another fortnight.

Yes, you read that correctly. Particularly if you read it as: EA has decided to get some more publicity for the Burnout demo by "changing its mind" about turning bits off. [Good work - Cynicism Ed]

As you know because nothing gets past you, the Burnout demo for PS3 and 360 offers a mixture of offline and online events, with the latter relying to some extent on EA servers.

EA had previously said it was going to turn this off in order to better support people who have bought the game (rather a lot judging by its UK Chart performance).

But now instead it's going to switch them off on 15th February.

"As you may know," EA said to our friends at GamesIndustry.biz, no doubt leaning on table with its elbow, fingers stroking an eyebrow, "Burnout Paradise is built to provide the ultimate in freedom and discovery online and offline. The demo did a terrific job of providing players a taste of that.

"Seeing how the social online multiplayer gameplay is such a huge part of Burnout Paradise," said the spokesperson, by now gently massaging the surface of the table with his free hand, and sliding his foot discreetly across the floor towards our sister site's innocent leg, "we've decided to keep the multiplayer demo functionality on for a bit longer."

Run don't walk to our Burnout Paradise review for more on the game. We're off to buy some more mace and hunt buses.

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