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PS3 Gran Turismo bundle coming

Towards the end of next month.

A Sony spokesperson has confirmed to Eurogamer there are plans to launch a new Gran Turismo 5 Prologue bundle next month.

News of the bundle first emerged on French website Game-Class. They reckon EUR 399 will get you a 40GB PlayStation 3 and copy of GT5 Prologue, and suggest a release date of March 29th.

Sony declined to confirm a price or lock down a release date. However, a spokesperson did tell us, "We are targeting an end of March release for GT5 Prologue - standalone, PlayStation Network and bundle."

This isn't the first time they've mentioned late March in the context of GT5 Prologue - but it is the first we've heard of a tied-in hardware bundle.

Game-Class also reckons there's a movie bundle coming, which also includes a 40GB console and costs EUR 399. It's said to come with Blu-ray versions of Spider-Man 3, Casino Royale and 300.

Sony has yet to confirm the report. The spokesperson simply stated, "I don't have any details on the movie bundle I'm afraid." He didn't say "There isn't one" though...

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