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THQ elaborates on Red Faction: Guerrilla

Returning to its destructive roots.

THQ has officially lifted the lid on Red Faction: Guerrilla and said it will be out before next April on PC, 360 and PS3. Which we already knew, remember.

It's described as a spiritual successor to Red Faction, rather than being the third game in the series, and will take us out to a third-person perspective for the first time.

Events are set 50 years after the original, and hello you're back on Mars where strange taxi drivers with lots of fingers live, once more battling against an oppressive ruling force.

The idea is to be inspirational enough that your fellow miners make a stand against the Earth Defense Force alongside you, smashing heads with their enormous mining hammers.

But Red Faction: Guerrilla stakes its biggest claim in the destructive department, where you can make a jolly good mess with an impressive array of weaponry. It also boasts a huge non-linear world to explore and carve your own path in.

Early reports suggest it lacks a bit of a visual punch, though, but all seem heartily bowled over by the amount of freedom and carnage on offer.

"Red Faction: Guerrilla expands the signature destruction elements of the series and pushes the boundaries of next-gen gaming on a massive, Terra-formed Mars where gamers can literally tear down the enemy EDF presence brick by brick," said Mike Kulas, boss of developer Volition.

"With a new third-person perspective, a full cover system that allows for guerrilla style tactics, and a diverse planet to explore, we're excited to revitalize the gripping world of Red Faction for high-definition platforms."

We'll be giving you our thoughts on Red Faction: Guerrilla soon.

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Red Faction: Guerrilla

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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