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Deadliest Catch heading to consoles

Fisherman game to feature "best waves ever".

American reality television show The Deadliest Catch is being made into a PS3 and 360 game.

Casual games outfit Liquid Dragon Studios is making it, and has been doing so since October 2005. Which is quite a long time ago.

Deadliest Catch follows the life of fishermen the Hansen brothers, mmm-bop, on their ship the Northwestern as they fish for crab in the Bering Sea.

It sounds bizarre, and is a strange idea for a game, but being a fisherman is no joke. We know this because we have watched The Perfect Storm.

Deadliest Catch has you picking your crew from 20 available fishermen then venturing out on one of five boats. Get the choices wrong and it could spell disaster.

As in real-life your crew will get hungry and tired, plus you will have to race other captains to secure the prize first. There are mini-games to distract you from all of this as well as rescue missions to take part in.

Deadliest Catch also features a considerable amount of voice-acting, and has been overlooked by the Hansen brothers to ensure authenticity and quality.

And, lest we forget, it claims to have the best waves ever in a game.

"It may not be life or death, but chills went up my spine the first time I saw the Northwestern sink in the game," said Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern in real life. "

Listen to a man talk about crab fishing in the Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm trailer on Eurogamer TV. We did.

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