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Bionic Commando for PSN, XBLA

The NES one. Not new one.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

NES classic Bionic Commando is being tidied up for a PSN and Live Arcade release.

That's if you believe Japanese magazine Famitsu (partially translated by IGN), which says there will be a two-player mode and some crazy elements linking it to the current-gen overhaul.

Little else is known, other than it will be out in Japan this spring. Capcom Europe won't say a dickie bird.

Bionic Commando is based around a strange fellow who has a mechanical arm that can do things like fire a grappling hook out so he can swing around like Spider-Man.

GRIN is making the full scale PS3, 360 and PC offering, and the game should be out sometime this year.

Pop in to Eurogamer TV for a taste of its third-person action charms.

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