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European Mass Effect PC date "soon"

Out in the US on 6th May.

EA has told Eurogamer that a European date for Mass Effect PC will be revealed "soon".

The news, such as it is, follows the announcement that the USA will get ME PC on 6th May. But at least we have fish and chips and rain and bad teeth.

The PC version of Mass Effect was confirmed earlier this month. It will have the majority of its controls fiddled with so they fit nicely on a keyboard.

We'd not seen mention of the new squad-control interface to issue individual commands to your team before though, and we're also not sure what it means.

It could be similar to Knights of the Old Republic, where you stack a set of commands for your squad mates to obey. Mass Effect on 360 only allows you to issue a single special-power order.

Other than that there's stuff like hot-keys to map abilities to the keyboard so you surprise your enemies faster than the Sundance Kid, plus a quick-save button, redesigned user interface and vehicle controls.

There's also a fresh mini-game to replace the button-matching console version.

Mass Effect is a great big science fiction romp where you, as Commander Shepard, get lumped with saving humanity.

It looks good, sounds good, and predictably finished high on the list of your top games of 2007. Its only bone of contention was the combat system, which some felt was a bit wobbly and others got on swimmingly with.

If a deep Western role-playing game with lots of character interaction and no elves takes your fancy, this is a more than solid recommendation.

Those of you with the 360 version will be enjoying the first bout of downloadable content on 10th March. Dubbed Bring Down the Sky, it costs 400 Points (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.80) and features an uncharted world with around 90 minutes of fresh adventure in.

Head over to the Mass Effect gamepage for our review plus bundles and bundles of media.

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