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Eidos unveils Dr. Knizia's Brainbenders

So proud he put his name on it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos is collaborating with clever German man Reiner Knizia to make a DS game to challenge your brain.

Though far from original, Dr. Reiner Knizia's Brainbenders will be more about high-scores and working through taxing puzzles than getting a younger brain or something like that.

Challenges will vary from speed counting marine life in Cape Town to assembling stone tablets in Aztec Ruins. Clever German man will accompany you as you travel around the world, and you can send games to your friends using Wi-Fi.

Reiner Knizia is most famous for his work on board games. He gave up his job as a quantitative analyst more than ten years ago to pursue making them, and has been lumped with lots of recognition and good sales since; his Lord of the Rings game has sold over one million copies.

More of his work is being tapped up for Live Arcade, too, according to Wikipedia.

Brainbenders is yet to be dated, but you can see the first screenshots over in our gallery.

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