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THQ confirms Red Faction III

Explains why Juiced, Stuntman were binned.

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THQ has confirmed Red Faction III is in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Saints Row developer Volition is making it, according to a conference call with boss Brian Farrell. "More exciting destruction technology" will be added this time around.

Red Faction is a first-person shooter set on Mars where Arnold Schwarzenegger once lived. The 2001 original's big boast was the ability to leave bullet holes in things you shot. And the sequel featured even more physics power.

Both were well received, although Kristan and Tom just admitted to maybe possibly overrating them a bit. Perhaps.

Little else is known about the third instalment, other than it will be available before April 2009.

The conference call also revealed details of the Vigil-developed massively-multiplayer online Warhammer 40K game - not to be confused with Warhammer Online by EA Mythic.

Farrell has apparently seen the game running and was honest and in no way biased when he said he was "pleasantly surprised" with how it's looking: "So far so good." However, it's still a long way from completion and Vigil is being told to take its time.

Later on Farrell sung some songs and told us an Ultimate Fighting Championship game announcement would be made on Memorial Day weekend (24th May), when big men will do the sport for real in a special event.

THQ also went on to explain why the Stuntman and Juiced series had been canned. Stuntman was too old-fashioned and scripted apparently, while Juiced on six platforms was too ambitious. Er, but why was the series canned?

You can listen to the investor call for yourself over on the THQ website.

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