Stuntman: Ignition

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6th February 2008

THQ confirms Red Faction III

5th September 2007

Stuntman Ignition

THQ confirms Red Faction III

THQ confirms Red Faction III

Explains why Juiced, Stuntman were binned.

THQ has confirmed Red Faction III is in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Saints Row developer Volition is making it, according to a conference call with boss Brian Farrell. "More exciting destruction technology" will be added this time around.

Red Faction is a first-person shooter set on Mars where Arnold Schwarzenegger once lived. The 2001 original's big boast was the ability to leave bullet holes in things you shot. And the sequel featured even more physics power.

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When I was little, before girls and hair, me and my family used to march to a house full of old people and sing songs at them on Christmas Eve. Interesting creatures, full of stories and sticky toffee sweets, and if you played your cards right you might land your very first kiss. Funny smelling places though, like someone kept forgetting to flush the toilet, but then they are old so maybe it is forgiveable. Soap: another withered person smell. The moral is that old things are not useless and ready to be thrown away; my Grandma used to give me stacks of 20 pence pieces when I saw her. Back of the net.

X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Six

Digital FoundryX360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Six

Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and many more. Ding!

Eurogamer is back for its latest tour of duty at the frontline of the console war with this new instalment in our rolling series of PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 cross-platform face-offs.

You know the form by now. We take an impartial look at a range of games that appear on both consoles, providing additional comment to the reviews already published on the site. Technical differences are highlighted, with any impact on the basic gameplay being of primary concern.

As usual, backing up the analysis is a range of comparison screenshots of each game, losslessly extracted with full 24-bit RGB precision from the HDMI ports of the Xbox 360 Elite and PlayStation 3 courtesy of a Digital Foundry HD capture unit. 720p shots are provided as standard for all games, but where the PS3 version supports 1080p (either scaled or native), we supply additional 'True HD' screengrabs to compare the games' respective performance for those privileged enough to have access to top-end displays.

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Stuntman Ignition

Stuntman Ignition

Absolutely 'kinevil.

Sometimes the things you end up liking most are those that completely blindside you. Having precisely zero expectations of Stuntman Ignition, to find out that it's not only good, but absolutely bloody fantastic is even more of a shock than discovering that the new Medal of Honor isn't the load of old toss everyone expected it to be. It's a whole year's worth of shocks crammed into two days. What next? FIFA to crush Pro Evo?

But then again, should we really be so surprised? After all, when Reflections came up with the PS2 original way back in 2002 (a game we didn't review, oddly), it was a unique, stylish and technically well-executed concept - albeit one that polarised opinion more than any driving game in that era. On the one hand it was seat-of-your pants stuff; like a manic stunt-driving twist on Rally driving, crossed with the frenzied carnage and addiction of the Burnout Crash Junctions. On the other, it was infuriatingly exacting, and blighted by hateful re-load pauses every single time you messed up - which would be on dozens of occasions, so it's no wonder people got a bit upset by it and gave up on it.

Five years down the line, the game's now in the hands of an entirely different developer, and with the benefit of a vastly more powerful console to work with Paradigm has had the chance to right some of the wrongs of the original, and to deliver on its huge potential. Allaying most of our fears from the word go, the US studio hasn't tinkered with what made Stuntman such an arresting game in the first place, but merely made it more exciting, less frustrating and polished it from top to bottom.

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Stuntman: Ignition

Gets our motor running.

Being a stuntman is not easy. Those of us who've tried it - well, spent a day on a press trip trying to be a stuntlady, if that counts - should know. Judging by our experience, it involves fear, tears, vomit, being shouted at by a lot of very serious men and almost getting full-body third-degree burns. (All of which is instantly forgotten the moment Sean Connery's stunt double ruffles your hair and says, "Well done, love.")

New Stuntman game in summer

For Xbox 360, PS3, PS2.

The long-awaited Stuntman follow-up has been confirmed for a summer release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PS2 this summer, THQ confirmed today.