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Puzzle Quest sequel in 2008

D3Publisher spills beans (sorry, gems).

A sequel of some sort to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords will be released in 2008, says D3Publisher.

Buried at the bottom of a press release announcing a new European MD, it says: "The company will also be releasing video games based on Aardman's popular Shaun the Sheep character in 2008, alongside the eagerly-awaited follow-ups to the best-selling Ben 10 and Puzzle Quest."

So, Puzzle Quest 2?

Maybe, or maybe it's Deathbringer, which we sort of already know about. Deathbringer is an action-RPG with puzzle elements, like Puzzle Quest itself, also set in the world of Etheria.

"There are persistent heroes with multiple classes, and the classic addictive gameplay of a puzzle - exactly like Puzzle Quest. There will be lots of replayability with random dungeon elements, multiple modes of play, and dozens of meaningful side quests that may be played at any time, once unlocked in the main story," according to developer Infinite Interactive.

It's being developed for PC with the expectation that it will be ported to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Whether it's the game to which D3Publisher refers, we'll presumably find out soon. Either way, yippee!

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