Puzzle Quest 2


Mobile Games Roundup

MaXplosion! Bunnies! Mice! Puzzle! Scarlett!

VideoPuzzle Quest 2 - first 15 minutes

Tom meets his match three.

Puzzle Quest 2

So you're back, from outer space.

VideoPuzzle Quest 2 DS trailer

Out on 16th July in Europe.

Key events

17th January 2011

Mobile Games Roundup

30th June 2010

Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest developer hints at more games in the series

"Will Infinite's next game be a Puzzle Quest title?... All signs point to yes!"

Mobile Games Roundup

MaXplosion! Bunnies! Mice! Puzzle! Scarlett!

Puzzle Quest 2 for PSP this year

Download via PlayStation Store.

VideoPuzzle Quest 2 - first 15 minutes

Tom meets his match three.

Puzzle Quest 2

So you're back, from outer space.

Puzzle Quest 2 on XBLA next week

Ancients of Ooga too.

Puzzle Quest 2 dated for XBLA

Plus: Euro DS date revealed.

VideoPuzzle Quest 2 DS trailer

Out on 16th July in Europe.

Puzzle Quest 2 dated for June

But European date still iffy.

Puzzle Quest 2 demo on Facebook

A Mage Trainer demo, to be precise.

Puzzle Chronicles to arrive next month

It's the new one from the Puzzle Quest lot.

Puzzle Quest 2 heading to DS and XBLA

D3Publisher announces spring release.

Puzzle Quest 2 to be unveiled soon

First screenshot released.