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Puzzle Quest 2 to be unveiled soon

First screenshot released.

Infinite Interactive is busy working on Puzzle Quest 2.

That's according to a teaser for the January issue of GamePro (thanks Joystiq), which will introduce the game to us for the first time. Well, the second time if you don't count today.

The only real detail so far is a high-resolution screenshot, from which we can deduce that you still do damage to enemies by making lines of skulls, and that there are some unexplained new glove icons.

There's no word on formats or a release date, but given the precedent set by the first game we'd expect it to appear on every conceivable platform.

The original Puzzle Quest blended Bejeweled-style puzzling and RPG elements to produce one of the most compelling handheld and downloadable games of the last few years. Read us frothing over it in our Puzzle Quest XBLA review if you somehow missed out.