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Puzzle Chronicles to arrive next month

It's the new one from the Puzzle Quest lot.

Konami has announced that Puzzle Chronicles will be released for DS and PSP on 18th February. A downloadable version will follow via PSN and XBLA.

The game is being developed by Infinite Interactive, the studio behind the excellent Puzzle Quest. The new offering mixes colour-matching puzzles with storylines, RPG elements and boss battles, again.

It's all set in the wastelands of the Asharin Empire, where a nutty old king is running riot. Your job is to solve enough puzzles to kick him off the throne. You can cast spells, launch attacks and unlock new items as you activate coloured gems, taking each opponent's unique skills into account.

Puzzle Chronicles also features sub-levels, side quests and dungeons to explore, not to mention loads of magic items to collect. This is said to add plenty of replay value. Roll on 18th Feb, then.