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Rein laughs off CliffyB PC comments

"Cliff's an idiot!"

Epic Games VP Mark Rein has laughed off Cliff Bleszinski's recent claim that PC gaming is in "disarray", pointing out that PC gaming is Epic's "heritage".

"Cliff's an idiot!" Rein joked when we asked about the comments during a GDC interview. "I'm kidding, obviously."

We asked if he had words with the Gears of War designer. "Oh yeah," said Rein. "Hey, Cliff is Cliff, and he's making a console game, and that's what he's focused on, so that's what his thinking is all about.

"But as a company, we make PC games. We love the PC, it's our heritage, we want to see it be strong, and we want to sell games like Unreal Tournament III and Gears of War on PC, and have them sell as well as they do on console."

Epic Games is among the first to sign up the PC Gaming Alliance - an organisation set up to help promote PC gaming, and Rein said it was an easy decision.

"As soon as they invited us we said 'yes, here's our cheque'. It took all of ten minutes to decide we wanted to be involved in this."

Check back soon for the rest of our interview with Mark Rein.

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