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Aliens FPS due out this year

SEGA chimes in with officialdom.

SEGA has revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be on shop shelves in "late 2008".

We heard last week that it would be out next year, but oh no not the case says the publisher, leaking new information like a dying soldier does blood.

Excitingly (for me, at least), Colonial Marines will have an original storyline created by writing duo David Weddle and Bradley Thompson; both are better known for their collaborative efforts on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Battlestar Galactica.

It will be dark, brooding, and claustrophobic, as you creep through abandoned spaceship Sulaco and wait for aliens to jump out on you and stab tails at your face.

The action is all squad-based with some sort of equipment and skill system, and it sounds as if each of your team will have a unique role to play.

Four-player co-op is in, as is the zeitgeist, and SEGA plans to unveil more multiplayer fun further down the line.

Gearbox Software of Brothers In Arms fame is making it, as you know, and we're promised a visual feast to gnaw on.

No assets to prove that, just yet, unless you hunt down those magazine scans that popped up.