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Writers Guild rewards Dead Head Fred

Beats Simpsons, The Witcher to prize.

Dead Head Fred has won the inaugural Videogame Writing Award at the 2008 Writers Guild of America Awards.

The PSP platform action game beat fellow nominees The Simpsons Game, Crash of the Titans, The Witcher and World In Conflict to the prize.

Those confused by the absence of stellar story-driven games like Portal and BioShock should remember that the Writers Guild of America honours the best of its members, rather than the best of all.

"D3PA and the entire Dead Head Fred team at Vicious Cycle are all very grateful and humbled by this award," said Yoji Takenaka, bigwig at D3Publisher of America.

"We look forward to bringing fans many more top quality games and continuing to elevate the standard of game writing in the industry."

The WGA Videogame award was created to encourage storytelling excellence, improve the status of writers, and foster uniform standards within the games industry.

"Being nominated along with so many top calibre writers for the first WGA Video Game Writing Award was an honour in itself, so it's fantastic that we won," said Eric Peterson, boss of Vicious Cycle Software.

"Dead Head Fred was something we had a lot of fun with and we are glad that players and fans are enjoying the game as much as we do."

Pop over to our Dead Head Fred review to find out what we made of it.

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Dead Head Fred


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