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EA wants USD 6 billion revenue by 2011

More Sims games should help.

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has told investors that the company is aiming to hit USD 6 billion in sales revenue by the 2011 financial year, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

The company expects revenues for this financial year, which ends in March, to hit around USD 3.5 billion, which means that Riccitiello is expecting growth of over 70 per cent in the next three years.

This will be helped in part if EA Casual boss Cathy Vrabeck realises her ambition of seeing her department become a "highly profitable USD 1 billion business" by then, more than doubling this year's estimated revenues of around USD 420 million.

Meanwhile, in an address from The Sims label, Nancy Smith announced that more games are on the way. Smith also revealed that the franchise has now sold over 98 million units worldwide across all of its titles.

MySims Kingdom and MySims Party will arrive later this year for the Wii and DS, with SimCity Creator and SimAnimals expected at some point further down the line, she said.

In addition the company plans to launch two new online communities - TheSimsOnStage.com, which it is hoped will feature a variety of user-generated performance-type content, and TheSimsCarnival.com, an online casual games site with again a focus on user-generated content.

The company also recently set a release date for the much-anticipate Will Wright project, Spore, and extended its agreement with the NFL until 2013.

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