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MySims Agents coming to Wii and DS

Mystery solving fun scheduled for autumn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA has announced action-puzzler MySims Agents for the Wii and DS.

In the Wii game you will play a special agent hired to take down crime boss Morcubus. You can recruit different MySims, each with special abilities, to build your own dream team. Then it's a matter of collecting clues, hacking computers, picking locks and the like to solve mysteries.

Locations will include a mountain chalet, an ancient temple and a haunted mansion. You'll also get a HQ you can customise with items found on your travels.

The DS version is also all about finding clues and solving puzzles. Your mission is to stop a thief from stealing an ancient treasure and there are ten different mini-games to play.

MySims Agents will be released on 16th June in the US, with a global release to follow in the autumn.

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