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MySims to appear on PC

Play and share with friends online.

Electronic Arts has whipped the wrappers off a PC version of its popular town-builder MySims.

It will be out in October, complete with lots more online options and a clutch of new characters.

Those online additions are for you and up to seven friends, and will let you play games like Tag and Hide and Seek as well as share all your in-game creations.

When you make something you can tell MySims to package it up and then email it to a friend who can add it to their game. In the first batch of screenshots James makes some turntables for Tommy because they look "so good" with his dance floor. He wants a "cool arcade" machine in return. Greedy.

You can also make things co-operatively with your chums online and chatter away using instant messages.

MySims PC should sport better graphics for those who worry about that sort of thing, too.

MySims came out at the end of last year on Wii and DS. We preferred the former, but you can catch up with both of our reviews on the MySims Wii and MySims DS gamepages.