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FM 2008 gets January transfer data

Anelka now at Chelsea, etc.

Sports Interactive is celebrating Valentines Day by patching the January transfer window data into Football Manager 2008.

Miles Jacobson broke the news a bit like a leg, and offered up some links to download the content in the official forum.

We had a quick brain pool and decided Anelka moving to Chelsea was the biggest transfer last month. Do you disagree? Previous clashes between Eurogamer and reader suggest so. [Surely it was People's Hero Peter Crouch not leaving Liverpool? - Ed]

Football Manager 2008 was released late last year on PC and, well, was as good as ever.

Sports Interactive is currently working on Football Manager Live. You can read more about that from Phil, who would keep playing even if war broke out.

Football Manager 2008 is also coming out on Xbox 360, with a fresh release date of 28th March.

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Football Manager 2008

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