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X360 Football Manager 2008 dated

With up-to-date info and online play.

SEGA has unveiled Football Manager 2008 for Xbox 360, promising to release Sports Interactive's latest console offering in the spring. 28th March in fact!

Updated for the new season, including transfers being made in the January window assuming anyone does an interesting one come on Rafa chop chop, the 360 version also has everything from the PC version.

Not content with that, there's the promise of revamped online play via Xbox Live, including one-on-one matches and tournaments.

Head over to our Football Manager 2008 Xbox 360 screenshot gallery to admire the slick lines of the interface and indeed the slick lines of the faces.

"Football Manager 2008 on Xbox 360 gives console gamers the chance to dive into the wonderful world of football management," says Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson.

"With the same feature set to the PC version and various online modes, we hope that there is something for every Xbox 360 owner to get stuck into."

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Football Manager 2008

Xbox 360, PC, Mac

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