Football Manager 2008

Football Manager 2008

Football Manager 2008

I have seen improvements.

I know, I know, we say it every year, but that's only because it's true, so here goes: Sports Interactive's Football Manager series is the definitive football management experience there is. No other management series comes close to matching its sheer depth, exhaustive attention to detail and impressive levels of realism.

Right, now that we've got that out of the way, let's get down to business. Just like last year's version, FM2008 takes another brisk walk down Evolution Street without ever deviating into Revolution Road. Featuring all of the new features from the PC version - that's well over 100 additions for the number lovers amongst you - the game proves slicker and more detailed than ever before, but sadly lacks any genuinely cutting edge new features such as the excellent player interaction tools that set FM2007 apart from its predecessor. This year's version feels very much like a spit polish of an already gleaming product, with many new additions welcome if not instantly noticeable.

The first thing that'll strike you is the natty skin overhaul and the smattering of neat touches at the start of a new season, which see you tweaking the dimensions of your pitch and haggling for extra transfer and wage budgets by promising your board you'll exceed expectations. But be warned, this is a dangerous game to play. While the extra dough may prove invaluable in snaring your dream players, failing to deliver on your lofty promises will see you exiting through the back door more quickly than a burglar who's just triggered an alarm. You also have the option of siphoning your wage budget into your transfer kitty for that all-important extra million (or fiver if you're managing a Conference team).

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X360 Football Manager 2008 dated

With up-to-date info and online play.

SEGA has unveiled Football Manager 2008 for Xbox 360, promising to release Sports Interactive's latest console offering in the spring. 28th March in fact!

Football Manager 2008

Football Manager 2008

Away in a manager.

I'm assuming you've seen Aliens. No, not the small grey men with engorged craniums that suck you up into their ships, prod your erogenous zones then spit you back to earth like a globule of hacked up phlegm. No, I'm talking about the James Cameron sci-fi masterpiece in which large black monsters with engorged craniums chop up an elite marine taskforce in about two hours. I'm also going to assume you've seen Aliens: Special Edition (AKA Director's Cut). If not, go watch them, then come back when you're done and we'll pick things up from there.

Right, you're probably wondering what all this has to do with Football Manager 2008? Have SI infused their hardcore, tactical footy management franchise with a sci-fi alien blasting mini-game? Is James Cameron directing a Football Manager movie? Well, no, but fear not, as all will be revealed later on. Trust me...

If you've played it, you'll already know that last year's FM was yet another confident stride along the series' evolutionary path. Boasting some beefed up player interaction features, FM2007 made you feel more like a real manager than ever before, allowing you to tap up and destabilise the players you wanted and vent your spleen at opposition managers while contending with boardroom machinations.

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Football Manager demo Sunday

See if you can help Tottenham.

Sports Interactive has revealed its demo line-up for Football Manager 2008. It consists of two tasters for both PC and Mac, each available from this Sunday morning.

Football Manager 2008

Pre-season training.

It's that time of year again, the time when all your dreams for the new footy season are still fresh, the time when you still have an unshakable belief that this will be your team's year. It's that magical time of self-delusion before your head sinks slowly into your clammy palms as your team pathetically capitulates to a collection of part time construction workers and decorators for the fourth week running and sets itself up for another soul-destroying season. If only you'd been the manager things would be different, right? Well, in a few weeks you'll be able to find out when Football Manager 2008 hits the back of the shelves.

Football Manager 2008

Revamped for the new season.

Carlos Tevez. Even at a cosy, vodka cocktail-fuelled gathering to informally discuss the exciting new features of Football Manager 2008, the subject of the Argentine's ownership still manages to dominate a third of conversations. To make matters worse, I find myself boxed into a corner by two massive Spurs fans, a Luton fan, two intoxicated Arsenal fans and - worry, worry - a Millwall fan, making my claret-and-blue-tinted opinions on the whole debacle somewhat unheard. It's just like reading the Daily Mail, only with an impending threat of violence.

Football Manager 2008 unveiled

Over one hundred new features.

In the grand scheme of things, the news that Sports Interactive and SEGA are preparing Football Manager 2008 for release on PC (XP/Vista) and Mac (OS10.3.9 and above) this Christmas is about as surprising as waking up to find Carlos Tevez is still on the back pages. But the news of which features the latest version is focused upon improving definitely is interesting.