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Football Manager gets date

For Europe in October.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sports Interactive has said Football Manager 2008 will be released across most of Europe on 19th October.

Exceptions are Spain, Czech Republic and Poland, who will have to wait until 26th October, 1st and 8th November respectively. Translation needs brushing up, you see.

The news comes from the latest blog by Sports Interactive team captain Miles Jacobson, who shrugged off sleep to share the news with us. And that's not all he'll be doing - he has grand plans to update the Football Manager 2008 site each week with juicy information for the genre-leading title.

You can already download a demo for the latest instalment, which is promising lots more depth and realism, but also better stabilisers for those of you a bit frightened about being the next Martin Jol.

Sorry, Tottenham, but I just can't help it.

Head over to our Football Manager 2008 gamepage to see this year's team sheet.

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