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SEGA broadens Steam offerings

It does what? Oh, more games.

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SEGA and Valve have announced an agreement to deliver a line-up of new SEGA titles via the Steam distribution platform for PC games, reports.

The new SEGA games coming to Steam include Universe at War: Earth Assault, The Golden Compass, SEGA Rally (SEGA Rally Revo if you're American), Worldwide Soccer Manager, and Futbol Manager. So, Football Manager with funny international names.

SEGA Rally is available now, with Universe at War: Earth Assault and The Golden Compass targeted for a December release.

In addition, SEGA and Valve announecd that titles previously released on Steam to customers in North America, such as Medieval II: Total War and Rome: Total War, will now be available to Steam gamers in Europe and most of the world.

Have you seen my fact? I was sure I left it around here som- oh! There it is, over on with all the others.

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