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Free multiplayer for silver Live members

On cross-platform games for limited time.

Microsoft is letting silver members of Xbox Live play cross-platform games online for free.

These titles are Shadowrun, Universe at War: Earth Assault, and Lost Planet: Colonies.

"Last week we announced that we were taking off the Gold-only restriction for multiplayer gaming over Games for Windows Live," Microsoft told Eurogamer in a statement.

"For a limited time, we are offering free online multiplayer on Xbox 360 Games for Windows titles that offer Live cross platform play. This promotion won't last, so we encourage everyone to take advantage of it while they can."

Microsoft scrapped the Games for Windows Live subscription fee last week, alongside the promise of a PC Marketplace - for demos and downloadable content - to launch this autumn.

Make the most of the offer while you can, then - although that entails buying the games, neither of which are very good.