Shadowrun sequel gets Kickstarter treatment

Jordan Weisman wants $400k to follow-up classic RPG.

Shadowrun Online unveiled

Developer after a publisher.

MS "killed" PC/Xbox cross-platform play

Because PC gamers were too good.

Shadowrun sequel gets Kickstarter treatment

Jordan Weisman wants $400k to follow-up classic RPG.

Shadowrun Online unveiled

Developer after a publisher.

MS "killed" PC/Xbox cross-platform play

Because PC gamers were too good.

Free multiplayer for silver Live members

On cross-platform games for limited time.

New Title Update for Shadowrun

Patch on Live next week.

Vista games cracked for XP

Hacker groups taunt MS.

Shadowrun Xbox 360 demo today

As if by magic. Or tech.

Review | Shadowrun

The Dark Future of Cross-format shooting?

Shadowrun demo dated

On Marketplace 6th June.

Shadowrun dated

Cross-platform debut in June.

The EGTV Show - Episode 10

Hour of Victory, Guitar Hero III, ShadowRun, Football Manager Live.


Cross-platform online gaming starring Elves, Dwarves and Trolls.

Feature | Shadowrun

Eurogamer talks to FASA's Mitch Gitelman.

Shadowrun public beta

From December to March.

Shadowrun to return on X360?

Classic 16-bit RPG reborn as FPS?