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Shadowrun dated

Cross-platform debut in June.

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Microsoft today announced that Shadowrun - the first Xbox 360 and PC shooter to feature cross-platform multiplay - will be released on 1st June in Europe. The PC version has a suggested retail price of GBP 29.99, while the 360 version comes in at GBP 39.99.

Developed by FASA Studios, Shadowrun is a multiplayer first-person shooter loosely based on the old-days SNES RPG of the same name. Players join either the megacorporation RNA Global or the resistance group The Lineage, picking from Human, Elf, Troll and Dwarf races, each of which has certain advantages in battle.

But the game's biggest feature is the ability for Xbox Live Gold users to play against subscribers to Microsoft's new Windows Vista-only "Games for Windows - LIVE" service in 16-player battles. Few games with cross-platform support have been announced so far, unless you count UNO, which won't launch on PC for a while anyway.

As for what the game's like, it just so happens that we've seen it, played it, talked about it and even videoed it - all of which you'd know if you had stopped by the Xbox 360 or PC gamepages. You can also get an exclusive look at the game and cross-platform play in action on the latest Eurogamer TV Show.

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