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The EGTV Show - Episode 10

Hour of Victory, Guitar Hero III, ShadowRun, Football Manager Live.

The latest Episode of the globe-trotting EGTV is all about Guns, Guys and Guitars. Sadly not all in the same game, rather shoulder-to-shoulder in a packed half-hour of televisual temptation.

First up is Midway's late entry into the crowded WWII genre, Hour of Victory. If the initial reaction is: 'Oh, dear God, no, not another WWII game!', then the second, on reflection, should of course be: 'Well, there's always room for a good 'un'.

In an attempt to prove the worthiness of its war effort, Midway flew us out to the Austrian Alps, and dragged us up a mountain to the imperious Hohenwerfen Castle, whose claim to fame is its starring role as Schloss Adler in classic British war film Where Eagles Dare.

The location isn't accidental, and offers an insight into the tone of Hour of Victory, as well as providing the inspiration for one of the game's big set-piece levels.

When ShadowRun releases later this year, it will for the first time unite PC and Xbox 360 gamers in live multiplayer competition over Microsoft's online gaming service. When a truck load of networked PCs and 360s rolled into London to give us a glimpse of this gulf-bridging game in action, we checked out how well it works and asked why anyone should care.

The show features stacks of exclusive direct-feed footage captured from one of the 360s on the day during a live gameplay session, showing you exactly how it's measuring up. After that, we hook up with Games For Windows boss Rich Wickham who, in-between getting all Del Boy over Vista, argues that PC gaming is in its best shape for years. We're sure every last one of you will agree with that.

Meanwhile, having injected the palsied arm of the rhythm-action genre with a shot of pure gaming smack, Guitar Hero creator RedOctane finds that its monstrous creation has now rebelled against the master, with former developer Harmonix fine-tuning the rival Rock Band for EA. Ignoring such base ingratitude, boss Kai Huang explains why Guitar Hero III will ensure the series retains its headline slot, before challenging EGTV to an axe-wielding duel.

Last, but not least, armchair sports fans simultaneously rejoiced and cried out in terror as Sports Interactive lifted the lid on Football Manager Live. This first sortie into the murky MMO territory by the simulation master promises greatness and ruin in equal measure. As any FM addict will attest.

EGTV pins down SI's founders and creators of FM and the original Championship Manager, the Collyer brothers, for a rare interview, alongside friend of Eurogamer, studio boss Miles Jacobson. And, with early access to a test version of the game, we offer a video guide to what footy fans can expect come next March.

All this in Episode 10 of the Eurogamer TV Show.