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Guitar Hero streamer gets full combo on "impossible" joke track

Triple fret.

Personally, I was pretty pleased with myself for getting to hard mode when I was playing Rock Band, but for some music game enthusiasts that simply isn't enough - they also need to defy the laws of physics. Earlier this week, one of the very hardest user-made tracks in the Guitar Hero community was beaten by streamer CarnyJared, and the video of it really is something else.

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Soulless 6 is a user-created track made by community member ExileLord, who's known for his series of infamously difficult tracks. (ExileLord is also a programmer for Clone Hero, a community clone of Guitar Hero that allows for user-made tracks.) This particular track was apparently "too hard to be Soulless 4 or 5", and was instead published as an April Fools' joke in 2011. From this players dubbed the track Soulless 6, and it essentially became a meme within the Guitar Hero community.

Some tracks in the series like Soulless 4 and Soulless 5 have been beaten over the last few years, but nobody had managed a 100 per cent full combo on Soulless 6. Streamers had completed "tech FCs" of Soulless 6 - playing the song as a series of sections - but not the entire thing all at once. Well, here's CarnyJared doing it for the first time in Clone Hero:

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Obviously there's some pretty fast fingerwork going on here, but CarnyJared is also using special techniques such as ghosting to hit all these notes. Ghosting, according to Full Combo, is a term for hitting more frets than required in order to hit certain patterns at speed. And according to ExileLord, completing this song would be "twice as difficult" in Guitar Hero 3, as "the timing window of notes in Guitar Hero 3 effectively gets cut in half as they get extremely close together," something that doesn't happen in Clone Hero.

As you can see from CarnyJared's incredible reaction in his video, he seems pretty damn happy about his achievement - and understandably so. Even watching as a spectator made my head spin... I think I'm going for a lie-down.