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Guitar Hero expert completes Through the Fire and Flames without making a single mistake - blindfolded

Rock on.

Through the Fire and Flames is considered one of the toughest songs on Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock to complete without making a single mistake. Well, this Guitar Hero expert managed to do just that - blindfolded.

22-year-old Twitch streamer "Randy Ladyman", who says he's been playing Guitar Hero since he was 12, endured a week of failed attempts before finally nailing what's called Full Combo (FC) on Through the Fire and Flames on expert difficulty. FC refers to beating a song while correctly playing every note without overstrumming, which is different and more impressive than scoring 100 per cent on a song since, according to the Guitar Hero Wikia, "one can break (reset) their multiplier by overstrumming, and still play 100 per cent of the notes".

Through the Fire and Flames, by British power metal band DragonForce, is infamous within the Guitar Hero community for its speed, complexity and length. The video below shows Randy's muscle-memory-fuelled FC run (be warned, there's some fruity language).

After ending the run, Randy understandably explodes in joy. It looks like he can't quite believe he's managed to do it. It's certainly one of the most impressive acts of gaming skill I've ever seen. Of note: at points during ridiculously tough solos that require both hands, Randy uses his elbow to hit the strum bar.

Where does Randy go from here?

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