Hour of Victory

Hour of Victory

Hour of Victory

War is hell.

The value of playtesting really cannot be understated. The 360 has been privy to some lustrously polished titles of late, with gems like Forza 2 and The Darkness brightening up this miserable excuse for a summer. And with each, you have to admire the poor bastards that played through the same sections day in, day out to make sure that everything worked as it should and that nothing was glaringly wrong. With that in mind, you have to wonder whether the quality assurance guys on Hour Of Victory were ignored to rush the game onto shelves or whether they somehow overlooked the constant barrage of blunders that make up this total shambles. Either way, somebody needed to stand up and say something because, in this bedraggled state, Hour Of Victory is frankly unfit for public consumption and a complete waste of everyone's time and money.

But before the inevitable shoeing starts, here's a little on the concept itself. nFusion's 'big idea' to make its mark on the WWII shooter genre is to offer three different character to take into the fray. Your covert ops chap can cut through fences and pick locks to sneak through levels and perform stealth kills with throwing knives, the sniper offers better mobility and the opportunity to scale ropes to reach higher ground (even if his 'improved accuracy' does make aiming painfully sluggish) and the SAS beefcake is all you'll need for the latter stages of the game, able to take a little more punishment and move infrequent heavy obstacles.

Each of these unique actions comes replete with its own cut scene, with some more annoying than others. Find a glowing rope, for example, and Bull will chuck his own grappling hook up in exactly the same spot rather than use the existing means. Landing a stealth kill, meanwhile, is seemingly a matter of chance - even when directly behind an unsuspecting foe. On the plus side, most of these animations render you immune to bullets, so you can make a run for a locked door or stray rope and hope to find yourself safe when the short sequence finishes.

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The EGTV Show - Episode 10

Hour of Victory, Guitar Hero III, ShadowRun, Football Manager Live.

The latest Episode of the globe-trotting EGTV is all about Guns, Guys and Guitars. Sadly not all in the same game, rather shoulder-to-shoulder in a packed half-hour of televisual temptation.

Hour of Victory

Time for another WW2 shooter? Time, geddit?

I'm concerned that we need a new world war. The WW2 fatigue in gaming is unavoidable. So much so that even at Midway's hands-on event for Hour of Victory, the presentation began with a defence for why another Second World War shooter was necessary, before we were even told what this one was about. And while they argue effectively that there's still room in the market, surely this can only be for a limited amount of time. What are they going to make all the videogames about in fifty years time? For the sake of the industry, we have to start nuking each other.