Football Manager Live

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Football Manager Live

Reboot = the boot?

FeatureFootball Manager Live: The Reboot

Sports Interactive bigwig Marc Duffy defends his goal.

FM Live and FM will "never" converge

MMO not meant to be FM Online, says SI.

FM Live hasn't been "hugely profitable"

SI would be "very happy" with 100k subs.

Football Manager Live subs get free gift

Rome: Total War offered up via Steam.

Football Manager Live adds monthly subs

Has around 23,000 players in UK.

Football Manager Live

Massively multimanager.

FeatureComing Attractions: Sports & Music

The games pitching for perfection in 2009.

Football Manager Live dated

Out in January with 4 months' sub.

Football Manager MMO out this year

"The game is done," says Jacobson.

Football Manager Live

Updated impressions from the evolving beta.

FeatureComing Attractions: Strategy and Simulation

Part 1: Real-time highlights of 2008.

The EGTV Show - Episode 10

Hour of Victory, Guitar Hero III, ShadowRun, Football Manager Live.

Football Manager Live

Resident Evil.

SI unveils Football Manager MMO

Beta test starting in May.