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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Football Manager Live subs get free gift

Rome: Total War offered up via Steam.

Football Manager Live is celebrating its first birthday by offering subscribers a free copy of Rome: Total War from Steam.

"We're giving every single user that signs in today a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GIFT! A FREE copy of Rome: Total War (Gold Edition) downloadable via Steam," read yesterday's email to subscribers. And Rome: Total War is brilliant, if a little old.

Football Manager Live, an MMO, opened its turntsyles last November. Eurogamer slapped the game with 8/10, calling the ambitious project "a genuine success", and one more accessible than the renowned single-player series.

The giant game of online fantasy football now spans 34 Gameworlds, each holding up to 1000 players.

The single-player series has just expanded again with the launch of Football Manager 2010, "the best football management game on the market by some stretch".