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Football Manager Live beta key giveaway starting soon

Get in there quick.

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Eurogamers and Sports Interactive will be cutting the ribbon and announcing the beginning of the Football Manager Live beta key giveaway at 3pm. That's a link to the page you need to go. Obviously.

In case it wasn't obvious, today's bonanza gives you a chance to get in there and try out the new massively-multiplayer online vision before everyone else, and presumably help the team find and iron out some bugs.

All you have to do to get involved is become a registered member of the wonderful Eurogamers community, which really isn't as painful as it sounds - no money or promotional guff is involved. Once you've done that you can race over to the sign-up page and hope you're one of the first 25 in line.

Football Manager Live is an online spin-off of the consistently great and life-consuming management simulation from Sports Interactive. This time around you'll be able to set up your own leagues to compete against real people, and even have the game auto-play for you if you can't make a fixture. You can find out much more about it in our extensive hands-on.

The full game is due out in the UK next March. This first stage of the beta will be made up of 1000 people in total, and places are being described as "rarer than rocking horse poo" by SI boss Miles Jacobson. Yes, we're using that quote again.

So go. Go, go, go. Those keys won't last long.

Sign-ups will also take place on the Sports Interactive website, so you can always try your hand there.

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