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Shadowrun sequel gets Kickstarter treatment

Jordan Weisman wants $400k to follow-up classic RPG.

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Classic '90s Lord-of-the-Rings-meets-Blade-Runner RPG Shadowrun is the latest franchise to attempt a Kickstarter-fueled revival.

Creator Jordan Weismann wants $400,000 of your hard-earned cash to make Shadowrun Returns - a 2D turn-based RPG for PC and tablets.

His new studio Harebrained Schemes has managed to get the license back from Microsoft, and will work with original Shadowrun writers and designers on the title, including Michael Stackpole, Mike Mulvihill, Tom Dowd, Malik Toms, Mel Odom, Jason Hardy and Stephen Kenson.

The finished game, should it be funded, will boast "deep story interaction, meaningful character development, and highly-contextual tactical combat."

"Shadowrun Returns is not only going to make some old geeks (like us) very happy but it will introduce new players to a dynamic gaming universe that is beloved around the world." added Weisman.

But why Kickstarter? Weisman explained that the "restraints on the license from Microsoft made it impossible to get established publishers interested."

"Crowd sourcing to fund creative content represents truly profound change to the status quo," he added.

"While we watch financial models for the creation and distribution of creative content continue to erode, Kickstarter charts a direction for how fans can directly impact development of creative content they want by funding its creation.

"We hope that Shadowrun Returns is a creative concept you want to help make into a reality and we thank your consideration and support."

It's got off to a pretty good start - the project has already raised $50,432 from 1121 backers. Head on over to the Kickstarter page for details on the various reward packages, a video introduction from Weisman himself and a humble apology for the franchise's 2007 PC/Xbox 360 FPS misfire.

It seems the Shadowrun Online MMO, announced for PC last year, is still a going concern too. It's scheduled for release in mid-2013, with many plot points interlinking with Shadowrun Returns.

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