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SEGA Rally Online Arcade for PSN, XBLA?

SEGA stonewalls age rating leak.

What could SEGA tell Eurogamer about the Korean Game Rating Board's listing for SEGA Rally Online Arcade?

Nothing. "No comment," was all a spokesperson could offer.

The listing, filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea on 26th January, clears SEGA Rally Online Arcade for sale to everyone, young and old.

But the listing (spotted by Siliconera) reveals nothing more than that.

So what is SEGA Rally Online Arcade - a PSN and XBLA game? Likely; SEGA employed a similar tactic with OutRun Online Arcade in 2009, although that game was yanked off PSN because of contract expiration with Ferrari. Which was a great shame, as OutRun Online Arcade took home 8/10 on Eurogamer.

Plus, the world hasn't seen anything of SEGA Rally since 2007, when SEGA Rally raced onto PC, PS3, PSP and Xbox 360. Which is also a shame, for Eurogamer plastered a gleaming 9/10 to SEGA Rally's bonnet.

While the Korean Game Rating Board's listing offers no clues about a SEGA Rally Online Arcade release date, its existence suggests a finished product ready for launch. The game, excitingly, could be merely weeks away - if indeed it exists at all.

SEGA Rally, released 2007.