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Super cars for SEGA Rally

Captain Planet angry.

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SEGA has opened up its garage to reveal a quartet of monster-beast-things-with-wheels that you will be able to race in its upcoming Rally game.

First to pop its bonnet is the Mitsubishi Concept-X, a fictional car with a shape inspired by a jet fighter. Gulp. There's a big engine with two litres of something in it, turbo bits, twin crotches, some sort of all-wheel drive system and some aluminium body stuff probably stolen from Coke cans.

Then there's this RUF Rt 12 one, which sounds a little bit like it was invented by dogs. But clever dogs, ones that can take other people's cars and make them go faster than 200mph.

McRae's here, too, although he's changed his name to Alister and made a car called the Enduro. This one doesn't exist in the real world, either, but is designed to drive on dirty bits with big rocks on - using its polite suspension, quartet-wheel drive, and over-achieving driving dynamics.

Or you could pop on some jewellery and eat up some petrol in the Hummer H3 SUV. Game artist Keith Burden has got his hands on this fictional beast, too, and spruced it up for SEGA Rally.

He's taken off some doors and dropped the ride height, we reckon, and probably notched up the wheel arch for more clearance. He's also added those Rally-Raid wheels and tyres, we think.

Joining these mostly imaginary vehicles will be a host of rally rides that you've probably seen on telly.

SEGA Rally is the fast and furious arcade racer due out on 360, PS3, PC and PSP on 28th September.

We're dead excited about it, and have seen it from varying angles in its run-up to release. Pop over to our SEGA Rally gamepage to examine it.

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