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OutRun Online Arcade

Drift more!

OutRun never ends. This is, of course, a lie. It does end, inevitably so: somewhere either side of the five-minute mark, as you finish the fifth stage of its multiple-choice, point-to-point odyssey of speed in a howling handbrake turn under blue skies, bright banners and confetti, as the crowd cheers and the girl in the passenger seat squeals in delight.

But in your imagination and in the game's timeless iconography, OutRun is endless. It's a one-way street, a winding ribbon of sun-scorched tarmac that surges ever forward, never back, disappearing into the vanishing point. It's a constant cascade of choice, of multiplying possibilities, every beautiful adventure ending in two more as the generous freeways open and split. It's the drift that lasts forever, your gleaming red Ferrari poised in a never-ending spiral of virtuous oversteer, as elegant as an ice-skater, as impossible to stop or deviate from its course as a freight train. It's one of the most optimistic and joyful videogames ever conceived.

It's appropriate, then, that SEGA seems determined to keep OutRun alive forever. This Xbox Live Arcade and PSN downloadable is the latest in a long series of arcade and home versions of OutRun 2 that spans the last six years. Fair enough: the second-generation OutRun is an evergreen classic, and a rare example of a perfectly faithful and successful update to a canonical eighties arcade game. It deserves to have its time in the sun stretched out indefinitely, not least because it might end up being the last truly great game Yu Suzuki ever made.

360 Spider: the footballer's choice.

To be precise, OutRun Online Arcade is a conversion of the OutRun 2 SP arcade machine, with its all-new American-themed courses (which were presented alongside the original OutRun 2 set in OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast) and slipstreaming technique. Like the previous home versions, the SEGA AM2 game has been ably and meticulously converted by Sheffield's Sumo Digital. Unlike them, it features no cunning challenge or mission modes, no delicious breadcrumb-trails of unlockable ephemera - from new car models to original chiptune music to improbable guest tracks from Daytona and Scud Race - to extend its lifespan and perceived value.

That's a slightly disorientating disappointment, but only at first. True to its price (800 Microsoft Points or 10 euros), its source material, its platforms and its title, OutRun Online Arcade is an arcade game through and through. It doesn't need structural longevity, fan service or feature creep. It needs leaderboards, multiplayer, a sophisticated scoring mechanic, and every second of gameplay to be tuned to perfection. It has all these things.

Enzo: the trader's choice.

True to the arcade ethos, everything is unlocked right from the start. You have a selection of ten licensed Ferraris, leaning slightly towards retro nostalgia: the F50, Enzo, 360 Spider, F40, Testarossa, 288 GTO, 512 BB, Dino 246 GTS, 365 GTS/4 Daytona, and the obscene curves of the 250 GTO. They're no longer grouped into novice, intermediate and professional classes, and the performance difference between them does seem to have been evened out, though it was always quite subtle to begin with. That said, the quickest Time Attack times are still being set in F50s for the most part, the pliable and pretty Dino and Daytona still make excellent Heart Attack cars, and the Testarossa's unforgettable flattened-wedge profile and aircraft-carrier of an engine cover still provoke weak-kneed, pixellated nostalgia in men who should really know better. "Tuned" variations (faster, twitchier) are available in Time Attack and multiplayer.

OutRun mode is a straight race to the end - well, one of them - against checkpoint time limits. This is where you'll revel in the gloriously naïve theme-park spectacle and sweeping bends of the fifteen courses. They're the uninhibited, gaudy fantasy of a starstruck tourist with more indulgence than taste, and all the better for it. The blithely bland names (Sunny Beach, Big Forest, Floral Village) disguise a mad fantasy of driving from Miami beach to Easter Island via Manhattan, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, the Niagara Falls and a space shuttle launch pad. If you don't want to choose, you can appreciate them all in a single, 15-minute blast.

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OutRun Online Arcade

PS3, Xbox 360

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