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World of Warcraft gets Miniatures Game

Bit of a coincidence. Perhaps.

Upper Deck has decided to make a tabletop version of World of Warcraft, where you play with little lead figures that you paint up in your attic.

It will be the first time Upper Deck - which makes the trading card game - has entered the market, which has been dominated by Games Workshop for so long.

Which should result in a little more rivalry between World of Warcraft and upcoming EA Mythic game Warhammer Online.

Characters range from orc boss Thrall to community favourite Leeroy Jenkins, and each will be created by industry veteran Studio McVey.

The rules are just like its virtual counterpart, too - you tackle dungeons in groups of five and fill action bars with skills and abilities.

You can even buy raid sets to team up with your friends to conquer. Onyxia is the first of these, and she will behave either automatically - presumably going through her three phases (impressed with my knowledge) - or you can pilot her and mix things up a bit.

Upper Deck has plans to do big events like a Darkmoon Faire tournament, as well as both National and World Championship competitions.

Head over to the official site for more.

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