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Video Games Live at GC 2008

Beep beep blip blip.

Games Convention 2008 will host a Video Games Live concert in late August, the organisers announced today.

Conducted by Jack Wall, the Video Games Live Symphony Orchestra plays classic game tunes, like Pac-Man, Tetris and Myst, while scenes from the relevant games are shown on a giant screen.

There's also a coordinated laser show, and a bit of audience participation during an "interactive game competition".

It's all taking place on 20th August at 8pm (presumably local to Germany) at the Arena Leipzig. Tickets can be had through this amazingly long URL and range from EUR 30 to 55 in price.

"Video Games Live is the best way of making both videogames and their wonderful music even better known," says VGL producer Tommy Tallarico.

"Anyone coming to our show will quickly see what a fantastic artform video games have become in recent years."

And if you miss that one, you can always check out the Video Games Live schedule to see where else they're playing. Tickets are currently on sale for a range of US venues.