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Houser helped inspire new EA structure

So says Riccitiello. Seductively.

As part of the continuing drive to push through the proposed acquisition of Take-Two Interactive, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has expressed his admiration for the Rockstar senior management team, and held them up as a source of inspiration for Riccitiello's own restructuring of EA since June last year, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

Talking in the investor conference call earlier today, when asked what might happen regarding the contracts of the senior management at Rockstar Games if the transaction was successful, he was effusive with his praise.

"First off, it's frankly a little too early to answer that, and in many ways it's not appropriate for us to go into that given that in a transaction like this we're not able to the key employees in the process," he said.

"I would note that we have enormous respect for Rockstar, and the leadership at Rockstar - this is an organisation and leadership team that has survived at least six CEO transitions in the last five years.

"So under any circumstances they've got staying power and they're resilient. I would also point out that our label structure in many ways is inspired by some of the work that has taken place within Rockstar, and Sam Houser's particular beliefs on how these things ought to work - so I think we'd represent a good home for them.

"So while I cannot and will not get into that [original question] today, we see them as the key part of the deal, we have great respect for them, they've certainly gone through things tougher than this and have stuck around and managed to build a great franchise - and we'd hope and expect them to continue to do that."

As the message from Riccitiello and the EA hierarchy is driven home, while he continues to insist that the negotiations remain "friendly", the charm offensive to win across investors and employees alike is well underway.

GamesIndustry.biz is inspired by Rob Purchese's inconsistent spelling of "Riccitiello".

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