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None more Black, says Criterion

No current plans for FPS sequel.

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Criterion has popped a cap in the ass of rumours it is working on a sequel to Black, the first-person shooter released for PS2 and Xbox in 2006.

The studio is better known for producing the Burnout series, and Black was its first contribution to the shooter genre. Judging by comments in the latest issue of D-Pad magazine (as spotted by Videogaming247) it could be Criterion's last.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but as we've mentioned many times on our podcast we're not looking at making another Black game any time soon," said Craig Sullivan, lead designer on Burnout Paradise. Nobody listens to podcasts, Craig.

"Although the rumours never seem to go away and we still get a lot of letters from fans, we're honestly not working on that game at the moment. I doubt the rumours will go away though," he added.

Course, he's not saying Criterion will never do another Black game. But with two years since the last game was released and still no sequel being considered, let alone developed, it's looking more and more unlikely. A shame, seeing as the first one was rather good.

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