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Super Turrican and Psychosis on VC

Get your Wii Points ready.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SNES title Super Turrican and the TurboGrafx-16's Psychosis are this week's Virtual Console duo in PAL regions.

The former, developed by Factor 5, rocks up for the usual 800 Wii Points and supports the Classic and GameCube controllers.

Psychosis, meanwhile, is from Naxat Soft, costs 600 Wii Points, and supports the Classic and Cube pads as well as the Wiimote for control.

According to our old friend Wikipedia, Psychosis is a side-scrolling shooter (actually, we could have guessed that) and allows you to position indestructible satellites around your ship to help with the virtual murder.

Turrican, meanwhile, is a side-scroller too, but with more exploration elements, and gives the player a Bionic Commando-style grapple-arm to help out.

Look for reviews of both in an upcoming Virtual Console Roundup.

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