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GTA creator shares old pictures

Mike Dailly goes back to the '90s.

One of the original creators of Grand Theft Auto has shared his pictures with the whole Internet.

Mike Dailly includes everything from early 3D visualisations for the renowned game to shots of the team clowning around and games that never made it past the conceptual stage.

"Mike Dailly, one of the originals from DMA has uploaded several photo sets to Flickr, showing the background daily life of DMA from the early '90s right through to the point the company became Gremloid/Rockstarred," said Brian Baglow, writer for GTA and general PR mouth.

Time for a history lesson: DMA Design created Grand Theft Auto, which was published in 1997 by the short-lived BMG label.

Gremlin bought DMA in the same year, and then Infogrames bought Gremlin in 1999. That same year, BMG was acquired by Take-Two and became an internal publisher by the name of Rockstar.

Infogrames later sold DMA to Take-Two, and Rockstar subsequently published Grand Theft Auto II.

It wasn't until 2002 that DMA finally became Rockstar North, the company we know it as now.

Head over to Flickr for the full Mike Dailly collection.

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