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Left 4 Dead not for PS3

Valve favouring PC, 360.

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Valve has confirmed that it has no plans for a PS3 version of Left 4 Dead.

Spokesperson Doug Lombardi said the developer had "limited interest" in working on the platform, and only offered Orange Box on PS3 because Electronic Arts had asked and taken care of it itself.

"EA wanted to do Orange Box on PS3 and they handled it," Doug Lombardi told videogaming247. "Left 4 Dead isn't coming out on PS3 because we've not had that call. If the phone rang we would have the conversation, certainly, but it hasn't happened."

Traditionally Valve has had a hard time working on consoles, according to Lombardi, and struggled developing Half-Life for Xbox many moons ago.

But the developer has since expanded and put together an Xbox 360 team to create console code side-by-side with its PC counterparts. And this is how Valve plans to stay for the time being, so any PS3 versions will have to be handled by a third-party.

Left 4 Dead is a sumptuous squad-based shooter that pits a group of survivors against the Infected, or zombies as we like to call them.

The interesting part is that not only can you join your friends on the survivor side, but you can also join others as the Infected. These consist of rank and file zombies that die as quickly as extras (you re-spawn as another upon re-death), but there are also boss types as well as others that act has walking time bombs.

You can play it on your own, or with the computer controlling the Infected - there should be difficultly levels hard enough for even the tightest team to be swamped in.

For those reasons and more, Left 4 Dead is already a well-tipped game of the year by many of us.

Left 4 Dead is due out in late summer on PC and 360, as Valve is taking its time to make sure everything is balanced and sparkly.

Pop over to our Left 4 Dead gamepage for shots and videos and cocktail sausages.

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