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LEGO Indiana Jones not four-player

LucasArts stamps on false report.

LucasArts has quashed our hopes and revealed that LEGO Indiana Jones will not have four-player co-op after all.

Reports from earlier in the week suggest it did, after attending a publisher-lead demonstration of the game. But apparently it was all misunderstood and there are no plans for the feature to be included.

"LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures will feature the user friendly drop-in/drop-out two-player cooperative feature that players have come to know and love," said game producer Shawn Storc.

"However, we are not expanding this feature to a higher player count. I certainly do apologize for any confusion that has arisen; we must have been in a LEGO induced haze at the Collector’s Party."

Word it will be released on 3rd June remains unchallenged by the publisher, thankfully, although we're still none-the-wiser to a European launch. Sniff.

Pop over to our LEGO Indiana Jones gamepage for more information, or relax in front of The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 22 to see what we got up to at Skywalker Ranch, home of everything LucasArts.

No, George with his sculpted hair was not there, but we were, bizarrely, left unchecked to wander the grounds.

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LEGO Indiana Jones

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